Christmas Stuff......

Holiday Season
Halloween is quite popular in Japan lately....then after that.... we skip Thanks Giving... ( we don't have it ) meaning Turkey and Cranberry Sauce is rarely served at restaurants here.  If you'd like, you need to find American style restaurants.  ( Sometimes , I seriously search for that ! )

Now shops are filled with Christmas Stuff..... Have you been to Kaldi ?  They sell imported foods.... this snowball tea cookies are one of the dangerous sweets that I get easily addicted to... this milky taste..... hmmmmm !

I guess, it's not just the taste, this cute package and holiday season's festive mood excites me.


Anonymous said...

those are vey pretty cookies, we havethose in the stores here as well.In Canada women begin baking for christmas in november and store the cookies in crocks, or tins and freezer until christmas.Our Thanksgiving is on October a month before the united States.Fruit cake is traditional here, a heavy fruit and nut filled cake that is wrapped in cheesecloth and sprinkled with brandy for weeks prior to christmas, the other traditionalcookie here is short bread cookies, high ratio of butter and sugar,, very rich cookie, we eat to many cookies in Canada, we need eat more fruit and nuts.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

laurie, thank you. Canadian people eat that many cookies !? Didn't know that, interesting.

I usually don't eat much sweets, just occasionally, but during this holiday season, somehow, i feel like eating sweets.