Balancing Diet with Casual Food

I do enjoy eating out.....but I'd like to balance both my wallet and diet.

Found frozen corn and unused bunch of asparagus in freezer and fridge as well as barbecued pork.

Made miso ramen noodle using a package ramen.

The temperature is gradually dropping lately..... soup bowl warms me up.


Anonymous said...

thankyou for visitng me, this soup sounds like the perfect dish, towarm your tummy.I hope you are taking care not to work too hard and rest with the cold weather coming, its flu season here, people are getting flu shots tom protect from the illness.We have snow now, yuk!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

laurie, thank you for your note. it's more relaxing now....thank you for your concern. there are still tons of things to do, but i can manage it on my own pace now.

you must have much snow. we rarely have it here, so when i see snow covered streets, it is amusing for me.