This IS Jelly !


Perhaps, this page explains about Jelly well.  For me, it's not an event.... it's more like digital life style/ working style.

You can visit the cafe.... bring your computer.  Maybe you come with your business associates, partners or simply work there having soft drinks with you.  ( OpenSource Cafe requires 500 yen drink to sit and use Wi-Fi.  For longer hours, it's recommended to drop more.... right now for 1,000 yen, you can have more than one drink. )

You could find your collaborator there.... at least I can tell that those people around me there have expertise on computer, software etc.

It's so nice to have this kind of place near my place.  This is also a good example of my town.  There are freelancers, system architects, webby people... as well as artists, creator..... in my area.  I love this culture !


laurie said...

sounds great and so upscale modern!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

innovative idea. i love this neighborhood.