Precious Sunday --- Farmers' Market in Brentwood, Los Angeles

Farmers' Market in Brentwood
Where was I ?  There are lots of food pics.  Where should I start ?  Before the  trip or after the trip, or the trip itself !?

Let me show you some pics from that Sunday, which was precious free time for me.  Other than this, I was working, working working !  It was fun and learning experience, but this was almost only time that I was able to go out and enjoy the free time.

My friends took me out to this farmers' market.  Usually I rent a car in Los Angeles, but I knew this program will be crash course and I wouldn't have time to drive around or have to .

They picked the right place for me !
Fresh fruits sampling, curry sampling etc.... plums tasted great !  strawberries, we bought 3 pints together and shared.

Thanks to them.  This area, Brentwood is nice residential area and I enjoyed looking those nice homes...... must be expensive !


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you were ill after returning from your business trip to the States but ist completely understandable,, you were working so hard and all the air miles you travelled on top of it.The market sounds lovely.I'm Canadaian but I do know that our diet could use some improvement but understand what you mean by unhealthy, American food is delicous, but we don't work hard jobs anymore to burn all the fatty calories away I think is what they mean.I have read and been told the Japanese diet is the healthiest on earth but I suppose there are exceptions to every statement.The obeseity rates are very high in United States and canada,, too much junk food I think.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

laurie, thank you for your kind comment. on this trip, American meals were quite healthy ! lots of veggies, fruits and well balanced meals. also, i enjoyed ethnic food such as persian food, lebanese.... these are delicious also.

even in japan, when i am tired or hungry, i tend to have a full package of potato chips, so cannot blame american food !