" Play with Me !" The cat knows it's holiday !?

Getting Chubby

If you've had cat, you know their character vary a great deal.

Right now, I am taking care of two cats... originally stray cats.

This one lives in front of my apartment and I feed her every night.  ( I wrote about her before.... when the original owner-- who once committed to take her in.... dumped and left her when they moved. )

She is such a spoiled character... now.

Right after she was dumped... it seemed she was afraid of dumped again and always sitting in front of the building.  Now she is more relaxed and when I come home, she comes out of somewhere and starts dancing.... ( rubbing herself to the road or cars.... )

It seems like she knows it's holiday... saying " don't you wanna play with me !??? "

Sorry, I have to work today.  See you later @ your dinner !


Anonymous said...

I just caught up with past posts, I have been very busy as of lately.Where do I begin,,, the cat is lovely and its very kind of you to feed and to love her.In Canada i think most women would rather not divulge their age, I'm 55 and don't mind saying, we have discounts at stores if you are 65, seniors day its called, The photos are lovely , I'm sorry I haven't been tovisiit in a bit but I'm here today and I read them all.You are a very busy woman,, take care,,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you for checking my blog ! I've been busy, but doing fine.  Totally different from cats' life ( lol ) .