Series Shimokitazawa IX --- Part III / Azumaji Ryu

It is harder than it looks

The above is website of Azumaji Ryu ( Azumaji Style or School ) .

As to the origin and the meaning, let me write later.

Ms. Sumi Azumaji is the founder, master of Azumaji Ryu.

She used to be an actress and came to Tokyo for acting.  She says " There used to be Japanese sandal shop, bag shop, umbrella shop, meat shop.....there is still some remnant of those days near the station, but mostly gone.  Shimokitazawa has been residential area with these shops.  It is unfortunate that all those will be torn down for re-development. "   " It makes me recall my aunt....I took this aunt to the coffee shop located above the antique shop..... to show her the Awaodori Dancing....that was little before she passes away. "

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