Series Shimokitazawa IX --- Part II / Azumaji Ryu

Using Fan
Ms. Sumi Azumaji, Master of the School
I didn't know that this school was located in the area of Shimokitazawa.

I was introduced to them by some family of the Series Shimokitazawa.

Food, Restaurant, Other shops are lined up and I wanted to work on some kind of art, cultural activities.

Then we met the master of this school and her daughter.

One Saturday morning, I visited them and.... there came these girls.

They were just like other students.... while they were in regular clothes.

I will introduce Ms. Sumi Azumaji later, but she says " When they come here, I ask them to switch their mind.  Take a deep breath and meditate. "

One thing I'd like to explain about Ms. Azumaji's kimono.  The design's motif is fireflies.  Kimono motif is supposed to be the symbols of the season.  Isn't it beautiful ?


laurie said...

such a beautiful and inteeresting post,, lovely kimono

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thank you for the comment. time stops when i see these beautiful things. also, please to know that these young people are learning traditional culture.