Adults' Version of Family Gathering @ XIV Hakone Continued II

Stir-fried scallop and prawn and spring roll of mango
By posting here, I can review what I have been eating....and that was big dinner !  Not portionwise, probably, because each plate is not so big.

Yet, we were so full with this endless meal !  We fully enjoyed the delicacy, presentation and conversation.

We all used to get together @ New Year's celebration while our grand mother ( for aunt, her mother ) was still here.    

Lately, it was always funeral to see each other, we wanted to create some other happy opportunities.  Now, after 6 years of this uncle's death, it is happy enough.... I am sure if he sees us from the heaven, he should be happy to see our bonding and spending happy time together.   The menu still goes on..... after the dinner.... we gathered in one room and kept talking..... then after that, girls got together in one room.... meaning my room had 4 female cousins and we kept talking.....till 3a.m. it was long long night.
Scorching of red bream with "PAITAN" style and special red pepper sauce


Anonymous said...

what a lovely dish and such a lovely ocasion,, I love it when you said he's looking from heaven,,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thank you, laurie. he often held barbecue party for us. good memory for me.