Vietnamese Sandwiches from Vi-Sand, Shimokitazawa

Beef and Chicken
The link is down at the bottom.  Beef sandwich and Chicken sandwich from Vi-sand in Shimokitazawa.  ( It's not Sand.  We tend to shorten sandwich to sand. )

You will have option.... either cilantro or mint leaves.  I chose cilantro for both and brought these to my friend's place.  ( Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to cook ! )

If you exit from south of Shimokitazawa station, keep walking and turn left at the corner of Docomo.  The shop will be on your left.


laurie said...

these look like Mr.Sub sandwiches, Mr. Sub is a chain of fast food sandwiches ,, all different fillings on large soft rolls,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Mr. Sub sounds like Subways. We have Subways here. I would call this Vietnamese Subway.