Series Shimokitazawa VIII-VII Project Yui / Asobusiness Inc.

Asobusiness Inc. ( The website is currently in Japanese only )

Your job is supposed to be fun thing.  Asobusiness Inc. is supporting those young people who are becoming workforce and the adults who would like to work with joy.

Three principles of Asobusiness Inc.:

Dialogue ( Real Communication )/ Corporative ( To play together to get to know others )  / Project ( You have to DO things.  Work on some project and experience.
Create something or Send out your information.  You can learn something or find people who you can work with.)

" When a organization becomes ' team ", members grow and become independent. "
If your organization needs more independence of individuals ( when the hierarchy is too strict, this happens ) , if your team doesn't have real teamwork, if your team doesn't have clear principles or hasn't digested those principles well enough, if your  members are too tied up with daily task and cannot take enough time for building teamwork ....... check with Asobusiness Inc.  They will provide effective team building training, advice, projects.

I'd like to thank you Aya again, her presence itself is inspirational for me.

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