More Couples are Getting Married !?

Where is the data, I had it somewhere...   I had dinner gathering tonight.... will try to show you the pic later... tomorrow.

Naturally we talked about this 311 earthquake.  Where were you and how you got home that day etc. etc.

One thing I'd like to write about is that it seems single women felt lonely and uneasy being alone and more couples are getting married now.  It is interesting.  If I found, I will try to show you the data.
We talked about it and I felt " I haven't written it ! ".

Isn't it interesting ?   I remember that I saw a news and the manager of the department store showed up  with a smile and he happily said " Thankfully, although the average sales is not doing that well, our department is doing quite well @ wedding ring section " !!!


Anonymous said...

ooo,, now thats interesting,, are you married,, ?Better watch out!,, lol

Christine said...

that's interesting!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

laurie and Christine, thank you for the comments. i now have the data of the department store and match makers.

will post it later.