Kaiserhof on B1 of Shin Tokyo Bldg.

German Sausages @ Kaiserhof 
At German restaurant, Kaiserhof, we kept talking.  Yes, I found some article and let me try to translate this summary.

Since the quake and disaster, marriage agencies are having more requests for brochures and at department stores, there are more people buying engagement rings and/or wedding rings.

At O-net, a major marriage agency, the request for brochures are up 15%  year-to-year basis.  " It seems women are looking for somebody to rely on or to be with. "
they say.  At Takashimaya Department Store in Shinjuku, engagement rings and wedding rings was up 16% in April year-to-year basis.

Well, I'm single, but that idea never came to me ( ! ) , that is why I'm single !?  Aha !


laurie said...

I need to find you a good Canadian man,, lol,, hey my son is still single,, but you must learn too like the cold,, he's 36 years old, works up north as an airplane mechanic,, ha ha,,I'm just fooling,, stay single as long as possible,, the perfect life partner is out there somewhere,, you will find each other,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

oh, laurie, thank you for nice information. i would enjoy cold weather and get to see you ! ( lol )