Hot and Humid Weather --- Not Losing Appetite at All

Sliced Pork Salad w/Daikon, Shiso, Myoga, Ginger
Thanks to my stomach !?
Temperature here is over 30 degrees centigrade now and makes us exhausted.

Yet, I am eating all right.
The left is sprouted rice... it's between brown rice and white rice.  The outer shell has been taken out, but the not totally polished, more nutritious than white rice.
Then I added amaranth, millet, barley....
Looks bit yellow because of those.
The salad is.... the bedding is shredded Japanese daikon radish.  I also added some Japanese shiso ( basil ), grated ginger, myoga..... then the dressing is ponzu.
Yum !  It's cold, so you don't have to sweat while eating.  Soothing summer food.
One of my favorite during this season.   The tea is iced barley tea.

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