Friends Gathered for A Friend

Girls' Gathering 

As mentioned before, a friend from Kamaishi, Iwate prefecture lost her family members... victims of the quake/ tsunami disaster.

She said she wanted to drink.... I booked this place and asked another friend to join  us.  This friend asked two other friends.... all of us wanted to have good time with her.  To cheer her up ?  That is presumptuous.....  just wanted to see her, wanted to share some time with her.  We had fun time... I hoped she had good time.... it seems she did..


laurie said...

so sorry, to hear of your friends loss of family,, I hope that you gathering together helped to make her happy even if for a short time,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

laurie, thank you for the comment. all of us were worried and wanted to drink with her.... waited till she feels ready to go out with us.