Bread, Rice, Noodle, Pancake or ???

Japanese Breakfast
How I decide breakfast ?  I decide carb first.

If I pick rice, I would go with miso soup and something such as egg, natto ( fermented beans ) etc.  If I pick bread, I would add salad or egg or sausage etc.

This eggplant and myoga miso soup is one of my summer favorite.  The top right is natto and chopped scallion.  ( I usually add Japanese mustard.  Sometimes I add wasabi. )


laurie said...

at least you eat a healthy meal..Not Ricekrispies or sugar doughnuts,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

once in a while, i do eat Ricekrispies, sugar doughnuts ! do you have krispykream doughnuts ? i love it.