Biidro -- Spanish Food Restaurant in Shibuya II

Mushroom Dish
As mentioned before, I'm single.  All the other members of this gathering are married and have children. 

At this gathering, nobody mentioned anything about this marital status difference.

One thing I 've noticed or experienced is often married women say " I'm just a housewife." in condescending attitude.  In this case, I feel " Oh, what are you saying ?  Raising children and homemaking is great work. " Or some look at me compassionately and say " Oh, you are single !? "

I feel odd in either case, for marital status or having children or not doesn't change the person's value, it's just the way of living or maybe more simply just the current status.  Various ways of living should be there, naturally, and it is all right if the person is happy.

Maybe my way of thinking is too liberal !?   Sometimes, senior men ask me with very serious face, " Why are you still single ? "  Oh, thank you very much ! :-) 

It just happened to be.  These people wouldn't understand why ' Sex and The City ' is loved by women.  I would say, one of the reasons ( not the only reason ) is it showcases various kinds of women and their lifestyle.   What would you say ? 

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