Biidro -- Spanish Food Restaurant in Shibuya

Ham Salad
The other day, some classmates from high school gathered.  Total 5 people.

We were not in a same group or clique at all.

Through another friend of mine, somehow, I came and joined.  One classmate, I don't remember if I had chance to talk to during high school days.

I felt it was bit odd, but thanks to our age !

After so many years, it was nice to get to know this friend and also it was nice to chat with other familiar faces.

It was comfortable talking to the classmate I didn't know well.  She was different type... maybe that's why I didn't have any chance to get close to !?  She was hardworking student.  I wasn't really :-)  I was more keen on sports.... basketball back then.  There were only 4 classes in the high school and this was private, Anglican or Episcopal school of unified Jr. and Sr. High education.   So, I should know most of the students 'cause during 6 year education, I have been into same class with most of them Class A to D.  Yet, some students, I have never been in same class..... maybe that's why.

In any case, good, Spanish food restaurant.  We kept sharing current status etc....


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful way to enjoy time with friends,, lovely meal.I have received news from the Japanese girl,, the letter from her was in my mail today,, thank you again for encouraging me to find her and all your help,,, the disaster in Japan slowed her in getting my letter.She lives in Fukishima still.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

laurie. really glad for you ! glad to hear that she was safe, but if she is still in Fukushima, life must be tough for her. wishing her and all Fukushima people fast recovery. will keep trying my best to help Fukushima and other affected regions !