Series Shimokitazawa VIII-VI Project Yui / Asobusiness Inc.

Aya Nakagawa founded Four Connection before launching her company, Asobusiness Inc.

Then she realized that in Japan, NPO is often considered as  volunteer organization or secondary, not serious business entity.   She decided to set up the company and make profit out of the company and then Four Square is to make a social contribution.   This way, she can work as consultant and make profit out  at Asobusiness Inc. and concentrate on social contribution @ NPO.   Asobusiness Inc.'s  

Asobusiness has developed tools for training.  Her NPO Four Connection is now Future Education Center and there she is working on projects with her friend who has similar company.  They decided to work together @ new NPO.
After March 11, they started Project Yui as the consortium to support the disaster affected area.

Asobu means to play in Japanese.  Her company is a consulting company specialized in Human Resources Development.  Often, game, project is given to a team members and they have to work together to resolve the problems or to achieve a goal.  

The clients could be business enterprises, schools and organizations.  She says " when we give them assignment to work together, you can see the phase of the organization.... some organizations haven't gone through the critical phase..... members haven't had any friction yet.  you have to have it... to get to know each other.  not always, but sometimes trainees start crying.... get so emotional.  that is all right.  after that, relationship gets improved.  you need to communicate each other....  i guess it's the current trend or the customary of Japanese.... to avoid real communication. " 

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