Series Shimokitazawa VIII-V Project Yui / Asobusiness Inc.

Cheese Cake @ Cafe Zinc

We met @ Cafe Zinc.  I thought she must have been real tired and needed some sugar !  We had tea and cake.  She had apricot cake, I had this cheese cake.

She continues" I chose Ishinomaki because we had a contact there.
It's really smelly there now.  I feel strange when I come back here in Tokyo.   For instance, when I came into this cafe, I looked the glass window and thought ' oh, this shop wasn't affected. '. Over there, almost everywhere , you see broken windows, so I guess my brain automatically assessed the situation and didn't realize I am in Tokyo. "

"  As I just said, it affects your mind.  It's important to control yourself.  We provide mental training to those people who are joining us before we visit the site.  Otherwise, you might lose yourself and get too emotional and will be difficult to set the dividing line. "

Let me continue tomorrow again on Project YUI and Asobusiness Inc.

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