Series Shimokitazawa VIII- IProject Yui/Asobusuiness inc.

Aya Nakagawa has other faces such as the president of Asobusiness Inc.
Her office is 2 min., from my place, so this is another Shimokitazawa person !

I met her at some business gathering while ago, several years now ?
She was young, ambitious woman and aspiring to do something for younger people.
Will explain about how she came to Project YUI, but let me introduce what they have been doing with this project and her thoughts.

If you check her twitter ( only in Japanese ) , you would know how actively she has been working to help out those children in Tohoku region.

She often visits Ishinomaki, Miyagi.   You can probably check this for location:

She and her teammates play with children or talks to principals of schools.
She says " Parents, Relatives or other adults are too busy to fix the problems or too tired.  Seeing that, children cannot play with them.  Yet, they need to play around.  "    " School principals in those affected region are quite powerful, they even say ' this is the chance that Japan can change. '"

Right after graduation from college, she was a teacher at some  Jr. high school for three years.  " I thought I should work and see the reality and tried to learn how they are managing and how they are educating students. "

How she came to this project and her company  from school teacher's job ?  I will explain.

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