Series Shimokitazawa VIII-IV Project Yui / Asobusiness Inc.

Let me continue.  When Aya was teaching at school, she was shocked.... things were controlled by teachers and although the school's athletic festival was supposed to planned and run by students, they were not really planning and running.

Yet, the students were crying when things got done.  Sort of.... educated to do so, Aya says.  "They didn't know the real joy of conducting event.  They thought that was the way and just followed what they were told. "

Therefore, when she was assigned to work on that project and to be in charge, she was thrilled.  She wanted students to learn how to think and plan.... run a project as a team.  She tried to let the students to think and draw a plan.


Anonymous said...

wow thats amazing, she sounds like an inspiration for sure,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

she is trying hard to provide hands-on education.