Series Shimokitazawa VIII-II Project YUI/ Asobusiness Inc.

Ms. Aya Nakagawa 
She looks pretty in this pic, but she is prettier if you meet her in person.  The day I met her, she wasn't wearing make-up, but her face had beauty.... it came from her inside, I guess.

Strength, Belief, Sincerity .... the day before that or very early morning, she came back from Ishinomaki.

She recommended me a book.
" Now, Discover Your Strength"
In Japan, when students are taught at school, being standard is important or in other words, they try to fix your weakness.  That is necessary in a way, but this book tells you to find out your strength and recognize it and use it for your self and for others.

Her specialty is education and team building.  Therefore, she tries to find who is strong in what.  Everybody is different and it is good thing and a team needs to make the most of it.

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