Series Shimokitazawa VII-VIII Kitazawa Kajuen ( Orchard )

Shelf of Fruits
Let me finish Kitazawa Kajuen by introducing their location and website.

( only in Japanese )
This is their internet shop on Rakuten.

Kitazawa 2-37-17 1F, Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo, Japan
TEL: 03-3481-8900 FAX:6407-8028
From Shimokitazawa Station:
If you exit from the central exit, take a right.  Go down the stairs and turn right again.  Keep walking till you hit the end of the street ( on the way, you will see Bank of Yokohama on your left and TOMODS drugstore on your right. )

Take a left and turn right immediately after that... that's the corner of Shimokitazawa Law Office.. The street is very narrow... You will enjoy walking in the real residential area of Shimokitazawa.  On your right, you will see a small Kimono shop.  When you come out to the street and small intersection, that is Ichiban Gai ( 1st avenue ).  Take a left there.  In a few minutes, you will see Kitazawa Kajuen on your left.

Ichiban Gai ( 1st Avenue ) is filled with interesting shops.  Enjoy strolling around.

You can drink the juice in the shop or ask to make it " to go ".
Actually, I had their grapefruit juice ( white grapefruit today) today.
It's the end of season and very sweet... well ripe and refreshing.  Mr. Kitazawa knows fruits and if you ask for the best of the season, he will suggest the best for you.

Thanks for reading.

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