Series Shimokitazawa VII-VII Kitazawa Kajuen ( Orchard )

Fresh Juice 

Lately I've been drinking Kitazawa Kajuen's fresh juice several times a week.

Freshly squeezed juices and some yogurt drink.   I've tried orange juice, strawberry and yogurt, mango juice, kiwi juice, apple juice ( 50 yen of apple juice price... goes to a charity for Tohoku quake & tsunami ),ruby grapefruit juice and special orange and pineapple juice... worthwhile to try this orange and pineapple....not on the menu and you'd need add extra 50 yen or so,but worthwhile to ask for....  The price of these are around 400 yen to 500 yen.....depending on the fruit.   The glass is big, probably twice of the glass that I usually drink at kiosk or other places.

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