Once In a While..... I use Frozen Food

Lasagna, Lettuce Salad and Japanese Grapefruit
Once in a while, I rely on frozen food.

This was lunch of the other day.
Frozen lasagna and salad.  I didn't have much time that day and this helped me.

Found some lettuce and left over beans.
Just sprinkled some salt over the salad and vinegar and olive oil.

Grapefruit is from Kitazawa Kajuen.... it's Japanese grapefruit called MISHOKAN or Misho Gold, which has wonderful smell of orange, grapefruit, buntan orange and little bitterness.


laurie said...

you make everything sound yummy!Nothing wrong with frozen lasanga,, unless it was a bad brand,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

that's because, i enjoy eating !