Nukunukuya / Nakameguro --- Hakata Cuisine III

Chicken Tempura
 The last pics from Nukunukuya.

The left is chicken tempura... it's actually Oita prefecture's specialty.

Gyoza Dumpling Nabe 
This Nabe has white chicken soup.

Scallion, Dumpling..... Yum !

Nukunukuya in Nakameguro:
Address:2-7-10 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo ( The place is narrow, 3 story building. When I had these, my table was on 3rd floor. Nice seating and nice decor--- not luxury, but clean and comfortable chic Japanese setting. )


Dinner:17:00-24:00 ( 23:30 on Sundays and Holidays)

When you get off the train and come to exit at Nakameguro Station, take a right.
Immediately, turn right again and go into narrow alley, then go through the tower square..... when you come to a street, that is probably Nakameguro Ginza ( main street, it's still narrow ) . If you see a convenience store, take a left.  Other than this direction, try to find the address !  It's very Japanese, narrow, narrow, alley.

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