Nukunukuya / Nakameguro --- Hakata Cuisine

Gomasaba/Mackerel dressed in Sesame Sauce
The other day, I had dinner with two TV industry people in Nakameguro.

Hakata - Kyushu Cuisine.

The left is vinegar pork giblets.
Middle is mackerel sashimi dressed with sesame sauce.  The bedding is shredded daikon radish.  The green thing on the top is spring onion and the right is wasabi.

You have to have this with beer, sake or shochu !


Anonymous said...

this looks lovely,, beautifully presented,, you friend is a beauty, a natural fresh beauty,,I agree, a good team requires different personalities,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

i enjoyed the food and conversation.... their table ware was also nice.