Nukunukuya / Nakameguro --- Hakata Cuisine II

Spicy Cod Roe in Rolled Egg 
I just wanted to show you some more pics from Nukunukuya of Nakameguro.

First stop by express from Shibuya on Tokyu line or 2nd stop by local train.

This fluffy, rolled-egg has pinky red spicy cod roe which is also known as the product of Northern Kyushu region.

Yum !


FP said...

Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
Best wishes

J said...

I love mentaiko so much. In fact I have a craving for mentaiko onigiri right now but sadly it's not available in London. I did see some mentaiko on sale at the Japanese supermarket though and considered making my own but am not sure if I should have it seeing as I am pregnant!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you for the comments !

Oh, I guess you can eat Mentaiko, but if you feel sick from pregnancy feeling less appetite, probably not ?
Glad to hear that you like it too !