Hairy Caterpillar --- Watch Out !

I got this rash around my neck and on my right wrist.    I was wondering ...
Usually my skin never gets this kind of allergy.... then it turned out its cause is powder of caterpillar.   Itchy and red.

I don't think I touched caterpillar directly... it's probably from my cat.
Sally crawls into bush and loves to rub her body to trees.  So, she carried powder from some sasanqua ( a kind of camellia ).  She doesn't get any rash !  ( She is hairy enough to protect herself from powder. ) I'm not hairy !

The doctor saw my skin and immediately diagnosed.  I got some tablets and ointment.


laurie said...

wow, thats interesting,, we have something like that here as well, get well soon, I dislike bugs,, of all kinds,, even pretty caterplillars,, I like to look but not touch,,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

it's much better now, thank you. i can handle or touch other insects, but not warms.