Gusto Pancake Breakfast

Breakfast @ Gusto
Gusto is similar to Denny's.
They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner @ reasonable prices.

The drink bar is included in this.
Pancake breakfast, vegetable juice, coffee.

Shimokitazawa shop was opened in May.


laurie said...

do you enjoy pancakes,, I just was wondering,, we have them once in a while,, for supper sometimes,, they are very rich.This area produces a lot of maple syrup,, its everywhere here and its local so i use it in tea, or baking,, I love maple flavor,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

ah ! you are from there. I do enjoy pancakes... I actually have 3 pancake mix in my food storage right now. One organic, One buckwheat, One regular. :-)

maple syrup, i love ! you may know, but macrobiotics doesn't use regular sugar, instead, they use maple syrup.

I use maple syrup for pancakes, toast. one unusual way that i enjoy is to pour maple syrup for tofu. it tastes like dessert !