Good Thing that We are Seriously Thinking.....

It was certainly a tragedy.... I am talking about the quake, tsunami and nuke plant accident, the triple disaster.  

In this situation, if I try to look at bright side, ( still sad that 88,000 people had to evacuate due to radioactive contamination ) that we finally face energy and environment issue.  Well, maybe it's just me.... I can see that some people around me are still paying less attention and there are people who had been aware of this issue... I am probably just one of the average people..... knew that there were issues, yet didn't know much about it.

This time, many people around me are concerned ... how we should move and what we should do.... trying to find information and study....  Still information is not fully disclosed and we are frustrated, yet good move is that some TV programs started carrying informative news and programs.

Hoping that this will change Japan in a good way.... It's not easy,but we are learning from this experience.   Those people's pain should not be forgotten.

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