A Friend from US , A Friend from Shimokitazawa and an Abandoned Cat

Meeting various kinds of people lately.  Today's meetings were....1)  a friend from US. Political economy, policy, entrepreneurship .... is her specialty.  Informative.  She understands both US perspectives and Japanese perspectives....for me, it was learning to hear her analysis... Found good Vietnamese restaurant in Akasaka.  Will show you the pic in a few days.  2) a friend from my town.  Actually, I am going to introduce her as Series Shimokitazawa.  Her vitality, expertise in education, team building, organizational behavior was also informative.  Look forward to it, please.

Then I found this cat, straying... who was abandoned.  The family who had lived in a house across from my apartment complex moved.  They had one indoor cat and outdoor cat.  It seems they took their indoor cat only.  This poor cat seems to be confused, starved.  I can't believe that they just left her.... hmmm.  I gave her some cat food, yet I cannot keep feeding her.  sigh.  I have to ask Ms. S for help.

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laurie said...

oh my,, how awful,, that poor cat,,is there someone who can take it in, doesn't that just make yuo so angry,, poor animals are so helpless,