Children Cannot Swim @ School's Swimming Pool

If the swimming pool is indoor, children can swim, if it's outdoor, they cannot.
Saddest thing of this nuke power accident is that children are the victims.
In the news, they are wearing masks, caps and long sleeves ( the temperature is over 20 degrees centigrade ).

Looking back my childhood, I was running around in the hills and forests ( I was very lucky.  I was born in Tokyo, but for nearly 10 years, I lived in Chiba prefecture where the city was not fully developed ) played with frogs, crawfish in the rice fields....

It's almost their job to play with nature, run on the ground, smell flowers and plants.
It's painful enough to watch them in the news.

Probably it's impossible to shut down the nuke plants all together right now, yet they can shut down gradually.  Based on the data, without nuke plants, the current ( old ) thermal power generation could cover the necessary electric power... ( Interestingly, it is said that TEPCO hid the information after the incident ) .

Some say that having nuke plants is important from the security point of view... still we already have 45 tons of plutonium equivalent to more than 5,000 atomic bomb.... isn't it too much ?    Then there is another logic that " if we keep them, it could be considered that we are trying to create nuclear weapon, so we have to consume them by using them for power generation. "    It doesn't make sense to me....I don't think I am so naive on this issue....

Lately, there are much information and explanations about cost of nuke power plant....it was probably known by other people, but these information was not on my table... it simply doesn't pay.  More costly than other method.

Logically, it doesn't make sense to me to keep having this many nuke plants.
Let's start working on new energy... It takes time, but we will need to shift... before another disaster hits us.


laurie said...

so sad for the children,, the innocent,,the answer is a hard one concerning this,,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

they are the victims. trying to move children to safer region....