After the Gathering..... @ Outback Steak House

Small Size Barbecued Rib
I excused myself from the gathering since I had early start next morning.... then on the way to the station I felt I needed to eat.

It was already around 11:30 p.m... but.... I decided to have something before going home.

Not exactly American, the place is Aussie cuisine restaurant as you know.... Outback Steak House.  They had this small barbecued rib.
No hesitation.... I love barbecued rib !  It healed my hunger..... 


laurie said...

yum,, looks good, I've never been to an Out Back eatery,, I don't think we have them in canada,, well not up North where I live,, I hear they are good for big family,,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

i have to watch my belly.... dangerous to eat this kind of food at midnight, but it was delicious.