TIBET TIBET / Shimokitazawa

Big Buddha Statue

Small Buddha Statues
These are the photos from TIBET TIBET.
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Little trip to Tibet.....

The soy bean soup was real good, no additional ingredients ... just soy bean and salt.

Soy Bean Soup

Coffee after the Meal 


laurie said...

I lost your blog for a bit,, very sad because I look so forward to your postings ,, I have come one step closer to finding my friend, I have my own blog now also,, I'm enjoying this blogging.I enjoyed the photos today,, the dishes are always so beautiful.I have a great fondness for pottery,

Yasuko Watanabe said...


welcome back ! thanks for nice message.
good to hear about your friend.

you have nice smile and look very healthy.

ok ! will check your blog. thank you. probably during weekend because i like to take time to read....

always nice to hear from you.


Yasuko Watanabe said...

laurie, this place had nice table wares. yes, i enjoy food and settings both.