Sukiyaki Flavored Sliced Pork / Bean Sprouts and Chinese Chives

Sukiyaki Flavored Pork and Veggies
I forgot to use egg.  If you dip these into fresh egg, that will taste like Sukiyaki.

I used sliced pork,bean sprouts and Chinese chives.

Amount is up to you !

sliced pork / bean sprouts/ Chinese chives ( cut into 1/3 length)
soy sauce/ sugar or mirin ( sweet rice wine) / sake ( or white wine )  / grape seed oil ( or vegetable oil ) /water

1.  Heat the pan and add a two tea spoonful oil.
2.  Cook the pork in the pan first.  Add water ( I added about 1 cup of water ).
3.  Add bean sprouts.  Add sake ( I used 1 table spoon )
4. Add Chinese chives and sugar or mirin ( 1 table spoon ) and soy sauce ( 2 table spoon) .
5.  When they are cooked.... enjoy !

Please taste it before serving.  Add some more soy sauce or sugar to make your own taste.  I forgot to use egg today and instead, sprinkled some Japanese chili pepper and that was also good.

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