Series Shimokitazawa V-I / " Over Take "

Entrance of Over Take & Mr. Sone
If you can guess motor sports from the word of OVER TAKE, you must be a motor sports fun.

Yes, the owner chef of this Italian Cafe/ Dining Over Take, Mr. Sone is a big fan of F1.

March 24, this year was their 5th Anniversary.

This restaurant is 2min. away from my place.  Too close in a way..... I usually drink or eat there alone.... for inviting friends, I need to choose other places closer to the station.  I've been saying to Mr. Sone, " I need to take some friends with me."  Some day I will.

Mr. Sone was originally working in sports goods industry.  It was wholesale company.
He worked there for 7 years in the sales department.  The latter half, he was working in Gunma Prefecture.   " When I was asked to come back to Tokyo office.... I wasn't sure if I wanted to work in Tokyo office..... then asked if there was any other option.... no way.... then I decided to leave the job."  Very quick decision.  Yes, he admits he keeps moving and prefers to take action. 

" There was another job opportunity.... but I guess I didn't have enough passion for that...  I then changed the direction and started working at Italian Restaurant. "

Here is another venture and history..... His talk continues.... 

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