Series Shimokitazawa VII-II/ Kitazawa Kajuen ( Orchard )

Grapefruit from Kitazawa Kajuen 
Let me add one more pic.... for Kitazawa Kajuen today.

This is displayed in their display case.
So far, I have seen grapefruits ( both white and ruby ), cut pineapple.... I guess depending on the season, it varies.

When I am too tired or busy, this is helpful.  It has plenty juice and fruit itself.

Instead of drinking soda, try this !  Much healthier.  It has slight bitterness which I like and also very sweet.    mmmmm.  Before judging something, you have to try things at least once.... is usually my policy.  This time, I felt I was right.  ( I didn't think it was this good. )  

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