Series Shimokitazawa VII-I / Kitazawa Kajuen ( Orchard )

The entrance of Kitazawa Kajuen.

5 min. walk from my place.

On the left of the entrance, there are bananas.  Inside various kinds of fruits are displayed.... Japanese and foreign.

At first, I thought I usually buy fruits @ supermarkets and probably wouldn't have to buy here.   Then, I heard that they have freshly squeezed juice.... so, I tried.

The first juice I tried was navel orange juice.   Mr. Kitazawa, the owner of shop advised me that I should try the seasonal navel orange juice, which has peachy smell and texture.  Yes, it was thick, flavorful ....rich fragrance of orange.
If I was told that it was peach, I could have believed that....

Since then, I have tried several different juices.... all so good.  The portion is big enough, so 350 or 400 yen feels reasonable for me, plus, I look forward to seeing my skin later this year.... if I keep drinking their juice..... maybe it improves my skin condition !???

Later, I met Kitazawa family.  I enjoyed talking to them.... including dogs.  I will introduce them tomorrow.

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