Series Shimokitazawa VI - V Cafe Akari --- Shimokitazawa's Macrobiotic Place

The corner of Cafe AKARI
If you exit from the west of Shimokitazawa station.  Take a right stairs up to the ground floor.

You will see Hakuyosha Cleaner Shop.
Jeans Mate will be on your right.

Keep walking.... in 3 minutes, you will see NOCE, a furniture shop on your left.  It's about half way now.

Stay on the same street.  You don't have to make any turn.  There is an intersection with signal.  3 more minutes from there.  No shops around you now..... You might feel " is this right ? "  Keep on going.

Cafe AKARI will be on your right.

Open: ( To be sure, better to call in advance.)
Tuesdays through Sundays:
Tuesday :
Wednesday through Sunday:

Hope you can enjoy your visit !
TEL: 080-4125-0817

Tabelog ( in Japanese ) 

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