Series Shimokitazawa VI - III Cafe Akari --- Shimokitazawa's Macrobiotic Place

Yoko-san/ The Owner & Chef of cafe AKARI
She started learning English when she was still a child.... her mother asked her.. " I think we can let you take some lessons now.... what would you like to learn ? "
Yoko-san said " English !".

So, when she applied for Kushi Institute to learn Macrobiotic Cooking, English wasn't a problem.

She went to the US and stayed @ the institute to be trained.  She also worked there.  It seems though, she didn't open a restaurant immediately.   One morning, she felt like she was told to open her own restaurant.... it sounds " A mission " came to her.... She says " I usually don't tell people much about it because people may feel spooky or weird... "  Have you had similar experiences ?  I think it would happen.  Something inside you already knows what you should do....something you love... this makes me think of the famous speech of Steven Jobs.... what she felt could be different, but I feel it's possible.

Her clean spirit doesn't force anybody to follow her way though.  She says she uses only well selected ingredients which doesn't have preservatives, additives, yet she doesn't want to judge other people who are not in Macrobiotics.

She struggled to find herself and true happiness.... It's my perspectives... so, she is open, trying to provide happy space and ambiance as well as healthy cooking which is filled with her heartiness.   I do need meats, fish and cannot change my diet to total Macrobiotics, but once in a while, I visit her place and enjoy her hand-made cooking.

Tomorrow, I will show you the drink and dessert.


laurie said...

what a lovely story,, I do beleive one has an intinct on what thier goal should be in life.Here in Canada we call it ,, following your gut,,instinct.I admire her for that.I hope she has much sucess.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Following your gut ! Yes ! That's it.

She is smart, sensible and has passion.... so, I think she will succeed.

Thanks for the comment !