Series Shimokitazawa VI - II Cafe Akari --- Shimokitazawa's Macrobiotic Place

The Menu of the Day
 " What is macrobiotic food ? "
I asked her... she was choosing her words carefully....  " It's not just food.... I think ... for me.... it's lifestyle.  "

She continues.

Cozy, relaxing ambiance is not just because of the decor .... some kind of chi... that she is creating...


Anonymous said...

Macrobiotic is such an interesting life style,, far to strict for me I'm sorry to say,,maybe some day when my health is poor I will reach out to that to save it.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

laurie, that's ok. i eat macrobiotic food once in a while. i understand that it's healthy, but i need to eat meat and fish also.

what i like about cafe akari is that while she follows her philosophy, she doesn't judge other lifestyle.