Series Shimokitazawa V-V/ " Over Take "

Ferrari Sparkling Wine

Look at these.... this left bottle is Ferrari's sparkling wine.... you might have seen it on TV when they are celebrating the victory @ Formula One.
They are using this !

This surface coating is also special order that Mr. Sone arranged.  Same as Porche.

I like their pizza and lasagna.  Pasta selection is also good.... Italian antipasto... salad... dolce...
beer and other alcohol...

Pizza is all 1,000 yen and Pasta is also around 1,000 yen.   Some are less than 1,000 yen.

( Japanese Website )
Luminas 24 B16-7-24 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
on Tuesdays.
11:30-16:00 ( Last Order / 15:00)
18:00-24:00 ( Last Order / 23:00)

Porche's Table Coating

At Shimokitazawa Station,
exit from West. ( through Inokashira line )
Go up to the ground and turn right.  ( In front of the station, you will see a cleaner " Hakuyosha".)

Keep walking.....drug store on your right.
You are doing fine.

Then...Seven/Eleven on your left.  Good !  Keep on going.   Within 4 minutes, you will come to a gray concrete complex ( on your left ) ....there is used clothing shop and a restaurant on 1st floor and OVER TAKE is downstairs... on the basement.  Go down the staircase and you will find it !

Mr. Sone is humble.... always says hello when I see him on the street and gentle mannered person.  Easy to talk to.

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