Series Shimokitazawa V-IV/ " Over Take "

Ferrari Red
Hope this photo shows its original color well enough.... Mr. Sone's love for Formula One is here.... Ferrari's red.

He imported the color to paint this bathroom door !  Then, he had to send the door and the paint to somewhere far in Japan to make the painter color the door.

It's better to come and see this door.... if you like Ferrari.
He says " I liked motor cycle originally to ride.... then when I was in college, I went to Suzuka for Japan Grand Prix..... then fell in love with Formula One there....yes, if you feel it there....it's totally different.... my wife loves motor sports, too.  My favorite ?
hmmm.  Usually , I don't tell this to my customers... haven't told anybody here because... there are many F1 fans and people's favorites are different....
It's Michael Schumacher.  He's committed to winning.  "

OK, tomorrow, I will introduce the menu of Over Take and special sparkling wine.

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