Series Shimokitazawa V-III/ " Over Take "

Formula One Items
When Mr. Sone started working, he told himself ' to have my own restaurant by 35 years old '.

He was older than his co-workers... yes, his start as cook was late.

His supervisor was younger....yet, Mr. Sone appreciates this experience and this younger staff's relentless lesson...

" Yes, he taught me all the basics... I had almost no experience...except for high school days' little waiter experience...or making spaghetti... so, I am grateful to him now.  I tried to learn everything... I think my seriousness was shown by my attitude.... therefore, he tried to teach me in any possible way... if this were fresh recruit, he could have spent 3 weeks to learn a thing... but in my case, time was precious... I had to master the same in 2 weeks.  Yes, that was hard, but I had my goal that I had set. "

This co-worker, supervisor actually became a big help when Mr. Sone opened this place.  He came over everyday to help Mr. Sone for a full 1 month... mainly to serve the customers.

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