Save Iwate / Items Needed... Updated Info. as of May 4, 2011

Right, I was going to work on this before my study.  Let me translate them....if you are interested, please read.  Thank you.

For wire transfer, this is the information page from Save Iwate:

As of May 4th 2011, the following items are needed:
If you are organization, business enterprises trying to send items, please contact
Save Iwate @ sviwate@gmail.com first before sending packages, thank you.

When you send items, please write what's packed in the box.... that helps their works a lot.

-Ham, Sausages etc... ( Things they can keep for long term.)
-Juices... ( Vegetable juice, fruits juice etc.... )
-Instant Coffee, Tea Bags
-Seasoned Nori (lavar ) , various seasonings ( ie: vinegar, olive oil, pepper, spicy sauce, sesame oil, chicken soup powder etc....)
-Nutrition Supplement ( Jelly type etc... )
-Sweets ( such as chocolate, candies etc..)

Daily Items:
-Shoes, Boots, Safe Shoes
-Eco Bag
-Saving Cream, Hand Cream, Lip Cream, Q-tips, Nail-Scissors
-Poly Grips and its cleaner
-Jackets ( XXXL ... large sizes )
-Eye Masks, Ear Plugs
-Sewing Kits
-Sheets ( clean ) , Comforter Cover
-Dress Cases
-Tools ( nails, hammers )
-Socks ( new ) , Underwear ( new )
-T-shirts ( new )
-Thin Cardigan ( clean ones , please )
-Thin Spring Wears ( clean ones, please )
-Radio, Ear Phones, Batteries
-Charger for Mobile phones
-Rain Wears ( umbrellas, rain chief )
-Big Bags, Day Packs
-Toilet Rolls, Box Tissues
-Cups ( for individuals, plastic ones )
-Medicines ( cold meds, gastrointestinal agents, mouthwash, plasters )
-Soaps, Shampoo & Conditioners, Tooth Pastes
-Sandals, Slippers, Rubber Gloves ( disposable or strong ones )
-Bleachers,Detergents, All kinds of cleaning substances, Air Refresher..
-Work clothing, Non slip work gloves
-Games such as cards, Japanese Chess, Manga Books, Magazines
-Packing Tape ( fabric type )

Attn: Save Iwate Office
Nataya-cho 9-36 , Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan 020-0827

Thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for your interest.

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