" Rokkasho Rhapsody " Moviegoing @ Temple

@ the temple

This is the site explaining about the movie.
The admission was 1,000 yen.  2 hour documentary movie about spent- nuke fuel reprocessing.... The village is called Rokkasho Mura ( Mura = Village ) .

With the recent accident, this movie showing attracted people's attention.

The temple was also holding sort of market... eco market ? should I call it ?

They were selling clothing dyed by natural ingredients ( plants and flowers ) or used items... etc...  I was expecting more quiet temple, so it was a surprise, but it was fun to stroll around in there.  The movie was powerful.... the director set the pace in a non-emotional manner and therefore, it was appealing.  It made me think....

http://j-pitch.jp/english/jfdb/title/407  ( " Rokkasho Village ")

If you have a chance, please watch...if you are considering environmental issues or nuke plants etc...British Sellafield Reprocessing Nuke Plant is also introduced there.

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