Nuke Power Plant .... Worries, Discussion, Awareness, Energy Shift

We are still watching Fukushima plant hoping that they succeed in cooling down the system shortly.... now another worry is Fukui prefecture.  Lately... people are paying attention to other nuke reactors in Japan.

Maybe you are not interested... maybe you are... so, let me share just a few basic information with you here today.

--- Nuke Plant Ginza
Have you been to Ginza ?  Ginza is famous and probably one of the most prestigious shopping district in Tokyo.  Brand shops and departments are lined up. Nuke Plant Ginza means there are so many of them and/or there was that much investment there.

Total 14 units along with Wakasa Bay, Fukui prefecture--- 2 @ Tsuruga, 3 @ Mihama, 4 @ Ohoi, 4 @ Takahama and 1 Monju.   Monju is fast breeder reactor.

--- Why people are worried about Monju now ?
Monju is people's concern now.  The plant has been sitting there for over 16 years, yet has not produced any electric power yet.  It is said the cost of maintaining the plant is 50 billion yen a year.   In 1995, sodium coolant leaked from the system and it reacted with oxygen and moisture in the air ( that is the nature of this sodium ) , which caused fire.  Similar to Dounreay/UKaccident.

Then in 2010, when they were trying to lift in-vessel transfer device, it fell into containment vessel and stuck there.  They have tried to pull it out over 20 times and still have not succeeded.  on May 24, they started working on this pullout again.

To me, it seems there is something more complicated... the manager  who was in charge of the in-vessel transfer device committed suicide this February.
Also, it seems the reaction of those elements used in the plant is quite sensitive and I wonder if it is real safe enough.

--- Financial Support, Employment Opportunities...
For rural cities such as Tsuruga, the financial support of nuke power plant is huge.
Annual revenue including grants, nuclear fuel tax is 1/4 of general revenue.  Sounds like local people are worried about the plant after seeing Fukushima, yet it is not allowed to mention it openly, for they might lose their jobs.

Thank you for reading.


Anonymous said...

such horrific conditions,, my thoughts are with you,, hopefully the answers will come to solve this mess.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thank you. 54 units all over japan ... too much for this small island... hmmmm. time to shift....