Mr. Bean in Shibuya --- Soy Milk Stand

Soy Milk Stand/ Mr Bean 
After eating soba noodle, I tried this place for the first time.

Located across from SHIBUSOBA ( meaning Shibuya Soba ) , the place I had dinner.

I tried warm soy milk.  Healthy taste.

Originally from Singapore ?



Joseph Carr said...

I've been to Singapore once during my vacation trip, and I find the food there magnificent! I love their noodles and that spicy type of noodles which I can't pronounce or remember the name (all I can say is it's yummy, with that red cloudy soup). Now, about their soya milk. It's a nice alternative for my buddy Greg because he's lactose intolerant. Maybe this year, I'll invite him to go with me to SG for a summer vacation.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you, Joseph for your comment.
Yes, I love their food, too! Their food, influenced by Malay and China create unique selections.

The red soup noodle is perhaps Laksa?

I love their British style afternoon tea also.