Late Lunch @ TIBET TIBET

The theme of this restaurant is TIBET.

After the parade, I had this lunch.... I didn't have much time to keep chatting and staying in the picnic, but I still needed to have lunch !

On the way back, I found this place and tried...
This lunch included soy bean soup, this plate, and then organic coffee.

The rice is coarse cereal rice... right is tofu ( the surface is crunchy ! ) , the middle small ones are bamboo shoot tempura and lotus root tempura.

The top left is like quiche with some chicken ( they can make it vegetarian plate ! ) the middle top is YUBA (soy milk skin ) and the top right.... sorry, I forgot !

There were Buddha statues in the restaurant.... The naming is Tibet.... I asked the waiters if this is related to Dalai Lama or if he has been here.... they said " we wish ! " :-)

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